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2011 USAPL

 Battle on the Border:

March 26, 2011


Upper Palmetto YMCA
857 Promenade Walk
Fort Mill, SC 29708


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The USAPL Battle on the Border is finally moving south!!!  As promised, the Battle will be moving to Fort Mill, South Carolina for 2011.  The Upper Palmetto YMCA in Fort Mill is a fantastic venue that will be in line with what we have used in the past.   It's early, so be sure to mark March 26th on your calendar!  Look for more information as we get closer to the event.


Changes are coming for USAPL South Carolina!  Please check out the updated USAPL South Carolina website at for more information regarding meets and upcoming policy changes in South Carolina.





The results are in and this was the closest finish that we have had during our first four years of battling it out!  When the Unified Team was unable to get a scoring benchpress in the results, we decided to tabulate the scores, as we did last year, with the top benchers from heavy and lightweight classes being combined with the top full powerlifters, thus using a total of 8 lifters.  When the dust settled, South Carolina came out on top for the first time in four years.  Next year is sure to be another great competition between the States!




The Top 10 list has been updated as well.  There was a good bit of shuffling on the lists with a few new names.  There continues to be an increasing trend for stronger and stronger lifters coming to the Battle every year, thus making it increasingly difficult to make our Top 10 list.  Great lifting!





Having the lights turned off on us was definitely a first for us!  Despite running a little late, thus forcing us to postpone the announcement of the Battle on the Border Champion and hastily completing the awards ceremony, the 2010 USAPL Battle on the Border continues to be the best meet going today!  This year, we had close to 120 lifters from the States of North and South Carolina, as well as a Unified Team consisting of athletes traveling from Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia.  Most meets of this size are completed in two days - we did it in 8 hours!  With our time running out to complete the meet, there were several awards that were not given out.  Once the results are completed and posted, I will be contacting those lifters who should have walked out with more hardware. 


Huge thanks goes out to the volunteers that make the Battle possible:  our spotters and loaders were unbelievable and worked like a well-oiled machine.  No one was injured and the meet moved very quickly and efficiently.  The judging was once again fair and consistent.  I saw no lifts given away- lifters definitely earned every lift awarded.  I would put our team against any National caliber crew any day. Our scorers' table rocked. The attempts were in and on the screen with quickness and accuracy. There really were no technical problems through the entire event!


Our sponsors:  Anderson Powerlifting, EO Sports/ Garage Ink, Quest Nutrition and West Cary Barbell were all extremely generous in their donations.  We were able to provide all of our Best Lifter award winners with equipment in addition to their trophies.  The Dowd YMCA continues to be a fantastic venue to hold a competition. 


I would also like to thank John Demchak, as well as Jennifer and Donovan Thompson, who once again brought in their equipment for the meet.  It is truly a privilege to lift on the same equipment that National and World Competitions utilize. 


Finally, I would like to thank all of the lifters who came out to compete at our meet.  With your support, the Battle on the Border has grown larger than I could ever have imagined and it is my hope that lifters enjoy the experience of competing at a high level. Powerlifting in the Carolinas and surrounding states has come a long way in the last 5 or 6 years, and we hope to continue that standard of competition in the future. 


The final roster has been updated and photos from the meet are up and ready to view.  If anyone has additional pictures that you would like to submit, please send me an email and I will get them up on the site.  Look for the results to be completed within the next day or so, along with the announcement of the Battle on the Border State Champion!


I would like to apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that may have occurred due to the brevity of the awards ceremony.  After reflection on how to improve the event for next year, we will limit the number of lifters to the first 100 registered.  Although it has always been my intention to never turn lifters away in order to encourage the growth of our sport, it is increasingly more difficult to find volunteers for such large event and even more so to keep the our meet's completion within  a reasonable time frame.  Hopefully, the outstanding lifting and spirit of the day's competition will be the prevailing thought in everyone's memories.  Please email me with any suggestions or comments regarding the meet.



The mail has arrived and the FINAL roster is up and available to view.  117 lifters have registered and this is bound to be the best and most competitive meet to date!

If you think you have registered and do NOT see your name on the roster, be sure to give me a call at 864-844-0083 and arrange to send your entry via e-mail and payment by Credit Card.  Again, we do not want to turn lifters away from this meet, however we WILL NOT be taking lifters at the door. 




NO SURPRISES!!!  That is our goal for all of the newer lifters coming to the Battle on the Border.  It is an awful feeling to go into a meet for the first time and not have the proper equipment required to compete.  The USAPL maintains some of the highest standards when it comes to lifting and competing, so PLEASE go the "New Lifter" section of the website and read about the attire, equipment allowed on the platform and the rules of each lift.  We want you to succeed and have a great time this weekend.  Be prepared!

   New Lifters

We currently have over 90 lifters registered for this meet and it looks like we may hit 100 lifters again this year!  If you haven't gotten in your entry, please put it in the mail on Monday, March 15th!!!!  I have to have it in my hand when leaving on Friday in order for you to compete this year. 


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