IPF/USAPL Rulebook



Competitors may wear a belt on the outside of the lifting suit.

Materials and Construction:

  • The main body shall be made of leather, vinyl or other similar non-stretch material in one or more laminations which may be glued and / or stitched together.

  • It shall not have additional padding, bracing or supports of any material either on the surface or concealed within the laminations of the belt.

  • The belt may have a buckle with one or two prongs or “quick release” type (“quick release” referring to lever.)

  • The name of the lifter, the lifter’s nation, state or club may appear on the outside of the belt.


  • Width of belt maximum 10 cm.

  • Thickness of belt maximum 13 mm along the main length.



USAPL Approved


Not Legal


Shoes or boots shall be worn.

  • Shoes shall be taken to include only Sports Shoes / Sports Boots; W/L, P/L Boots or Deadlift Slippers.

  • The above is referring to indoor sports e.g. wrestling/basketball. Hiking boots do not fall into this category

  • No part of the underside shall be higher than 5 cm.

  • The underside must be uniform on both sides.

  • Loose inner soles that are not part of the manufactured shoe shall be limited to one centimeter thickness.


USAPL Approved


Not Legal



 Wrist wraps:

  • Wrist wraps shall not exceed 1 m. in length and 8 cm in width. Any sleeves, and Velcro patches/tabs for securing must be incorporated within the one meter length.

  • A loop may be attached as an aid to securing. The loop shall not be over the thumb or fingers during the actual lift.

  • A wrist covering shall not extend beyond 10 cm above and 2 cm below the center of the wrist join and shall not exceed a covering width of 12 cm.

 Knee wraps:

  • Wraps not exceeding 2 m in length and 8 cm in width may be used.

  • A knee wrap shall not extend beyond 15 cm above and 15 cm below the centre of the knee joint and shall not exceed a total covering width of 30 cm.

  • Alternatively, an elasticised knee cap supporter not exceeding 30 cm in length may be worn. Knee sleeves 30 cm in length are also legal and the medical/surgical sleeves is also an option. A combination of the two is strictly forbidden.

  • Wraps shall not be in contact with the socks or lifting suit.

         Singlet/ Lifting Suit:

  • A lifting costume must be worn and shall be of a one - piece full length lifting suit of one - ply stretch material without any patches, padding or division into panels by means of seams not necessary in the manufacture of the costume.

  • The costume must be form fitting without any looseness when worn by the lifter. The straps must be worn over the shoulders at all times while lifting in competition.

  • It must have legs. The length of leg must be a minimum of 3 cm and maximum of 15 cm. Measurement is to be taken on a line from the top of the crotch down the inside of the leg. The leg of the suit needs not to be cut to form exactly a parallel around the leg. It may be cut higher on the outside of the leg. Non supportive costumes may have leg length to a maximum of 25 cm.


  • Shin length socks must be worn to cover and protect the shins while performing the deadlift.

  • Light protective guards between sock and shin may be worn.



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