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2015 USAPL

 Battle on the Border IX:

March 21, 2015


Lincoln Charter School

7834 Galway Lane

Denver, NC 28037



















After talking with Jennifer Thompson, State Chair for NC, we have decided to implement the following new policy for our States of North and South Carolina:

Starting with the SC State Championship this coming December, those lifters who volunteer to spot and load at one of our meets held in the Carolinas will be allowed to lift in a future USAPL NC or SC event for free. This will be limited to one division in either full power or bench only and only in our States. Please contact Jon Mouzon or Jennifer Thompson for more information. We are still in need for spotters and loaders at our upcoming SC State meet so give me a call at 864-844-0083 if you want to be included.




We have received the first entry for the Battle on the Border!  We are over 4 months away at this point and the excitement is beginning to build for this event.  This year we are only taking the first 100 lifters registered, so PLEASE get your entry forms in early as spots will be filling up quickly.


The roster is posted and will be updated periodically as entry forms come in.


Sign up and experience a family friendly atmosphere and talk with and learn among some of the best lifters across the Carolinas.  Also, if anyone would be willing to help out with this event, please send me an email.  The USAPL in South Carolina is growing and definitely heading in the right direction, however this cannot be a one or two-man operation.  Our organization exists as a group of members who work together to make great meets possible.  If you are not planning to compete at the Battle this year, PLEASE volunteer and bring others to help as well.  The Battle on the Border has been very successful over the last eight years with the much appreciated help of our lifters.   As we continue to move forward, it is up to all of us to help maintain its success.   




The Battle on the Border Entry form is up on the site and ready to download.  Please be sure to place your weight class on the form in kilos, not pounds.




The NGB recently voted to implement IPF weight classes at state level meets effective 1/1/2015.  (These weight classes are already in effect at National level meets)



53.0 kg (this class only applies to sub-junior and junior lifters)

59.0 kg

66.0 kg

74.0 kg

83.0 kg

93.0 kg

105.0 kg

120.0 kg

120.0+ kg



43.0 kg (this class only applies to sub-junior and junior lifters)

47.0 kg

52.0 kg

57.0 kg

63.0 kg

72.0 kg

84.0 kg

84.0+ kg


Here is the link to the meeting minutes:


Starting in January, the USAPL SC and NC records will reflect the new weight classes.  Unfortunately, the number of classes are being reduced for both men and women.  Some classes will essentially remain unchanged, however, there are a few classes that will be combined.  For example, the 165 lbs. (75.0 kg) and 181 lbs. (82.0 kg) classes will be combined and the higher lift will claim the record for the new class of 183 lbs. (83.0 kg).


If a lifter can prove that he or she was lighter than the new weight class and would like to claim the lighter record, please submit that claim via email with the documented proof to Jon Mouzon at if it is a SC record and to Jennifer Thompson at if it is a NC record.


The upcoming SC State Championship as well as the next Battle on the Border meets will be using the new weight classes.  Please take note of them above.  Feel free to give me a call at 864-844-0083 or send me an email at the above address with any concerns.




The USAPL Battle on the Border was once again a very successful event with North Carolina winning the Battle title!  


WE NEED PICTURES!   Unfortunately, my camera was not working correctly this weekend and thus there are no pictures to upload to the website.  Please send me any pictures that you may have taken during the meet via my email: .  


The results are posted!


The Top 10 Lists have been updated! 


Coming soon:  All-Time Women's RAW Top 10!


Records will be updated as soon as possible.


Look for information on the USAPL Battle on the Border IX in the near future...



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